One Plus to replace "Dash Charging" with "Fast Charging"

One Plus to replace “Dash Charging” with “Fast Charging”

One Plus to replace “Dash Charging” with “Fast Charging“. Yes, you heard it right! One Plus might replace its fastest mobile charging technology branding to something else.

Dash Charging is one of the defining features of the company for the last few years. The blazing fast charging using this technology is loved by all the fans of OnePlus.

But sadly the company is thinking to drop Dash Charging. The reason behind this is the similarity in the name of the technology.

In European markets, there are two companies, namely Amazon and Bragi. They sell their products by the same name that One Plus uses for its proprietary charging technology.

This creates a lot of confusion in the market. Amazon sells Dash Buttons and has a Dash Replenishment service in Europe. On the other hand, Bragi has Dash family of wireless earphones, first unveiled in 2016.

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During the launch of OnePlus 3, the company files for a trademark of the Dash Charging Technology to EUIPO.

But their application was rejected due to already existing products of the same name in the European markets.

EUIPO stands for “The European Union Intellectual Property Office. It is a European Union Agency which is responsible for the registration of European Union Trademark (EUTM) and the registered Community design (RCD), two unitary intellectual property rights valid across the 28 Member States of the EU.

EUIPO has not rejected or banned OnePlus from using the name “Dash Charging” for their charging technology. They can still use this name legally in the European markets. It has just barred them from owning the rights to the name.

However, to avoid confusion OnePlus chose to rename “Dash Charging” to “Fast Charging”. Evidently, it has already changed the name, as visible from the OnePlus online accessory store website in the UK.

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Although it has not renamed its branding in the Indian market as OnePlus’s Indian online accessory store website sell the products with “Dash Charging” branding.

Also, during the launch of OnePlus 6 in India, the company branding remains unchanged.

So there might be a possibility that the company uses different names for the same product in different markets.

So don’t worry, Fast Charging is simply a renamed Dash Charging technology with the same fast charging experience.

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